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Southwest Florida Trade Show Display Storage and Delivery Company

Florida’s Decorators Warehousing & Delivery

Florida’s Decorators Warehousing and Delivery provides comprehensive trade show logistics and transportation solutions. Our expert team coordinates and manages all aspects of your trade show needs, ensuring a seamless experience. From tracking and dispatching your trade show assets to providing white glove treatment, we handle it all with precision and care.

We are familiar with local venues and the intricacies of trade show exhibit handling and storage. Our experienced team understands the demands and protocols of convention center practices, and our representatives are hands-on during the critical move-in and move-out timeframes.

Our services include professional setup, teardown, and complete packing of your exhibits. Additionally, we offer secured storage in our premium storage facility, ensuring your assets are safe and ready for your next event.

Contact a member of our professional team at 239-948-4550 for a free, no-obligation estimate, or submit a request for an estimate to learn more about our trade show services.